terms and conditions

Purchased before the trail of 3 Days, no refund will be given.

Anything written using Bhashalekhan will be the full responsibility of user.

DurAny information given by a user is not saved apart from the personal information, so loss of data is not our responsibility in any case.

Bhashalekhan has nothing to do with any person or thing, so Bhashalekhan would not be responsible for any illegality, fraud done using it. So during any legal proceedings Bhashalekhan will not be responsible.

Price updation can be done for the product.

Bhashalekhan will be providing 2 updates in 6 months of duration, but this is subjective to alter.

After the purchase the customer cannot compliant about its functionality and service is not working up to his/her needs as the company is giving the trial of 3 days before purchase.

Bhashalekhan is meant to be used by a single individual on a single account, if found any other individual is using it rather than registered individual the company has rights to dismiss the subscription and no refund will be given.

For any support service the customer has to reach us and report to us for the support but without reporting to our support system a person files a complaint against us or Bhashalekhan, if done so then the subscription will be canceled and we are not liable to any other consequences with no refund.

Can reach us any time for the support through mail id provided i.e. support@bhashalekhan.com, and will try to revert back within 24 hours, and if not no person can file a complaint against us.

A call service will also be provided from morning 9 till evening 6.

Bhashalekhan cannot be used for the commercial purpose without our consent and if done so the subscription will be dismissed and the user has to pay the penalty decided by the directors of the company at that point of time.

If earning from the usage of Bhashalekhan than the individual is required to share the profits with the company which would be decided by the company itself.